Echoing Beti

This digital space is dedicated to my experimentation and reflection on all things present and beautiful. For a long time, I locked so much within me that I became afraid of whatever creeped out. Here, I am attempting to move away from (my own internalised) fears. How can I let things out and let things go? Am I driven by the outcome or how I get there? Echoing Beti is space for thought-creation, thought-meditation, thought-provocation. It is a space enacted out of kindness for myself and the people who've sensed beauty already and have shared it with me.

Inventions that call me into action. I want to share sound pieces, a bit of writing, some archive-making and perhaps some collaborative works with you and see what happens. For me, this process is confrontational but it is also freeing. I want to act in ways that are liberating to me and others.

hello my name is v.